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Behavior rules (Eng)

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:16 pm
by FAR747
The forum rules HGPlay.
Do not make, do not pass, do not use and do not advance the prohibited Content.
Do not make illegal actions. For example, you can not:
  • Threaten physical harm to others
  • Spreading false rumors about any person, product, company, or group
  • Post photos of naked human body, if you are aware that these pictures are for private use
  • Forcing or otherwise threaten to obtain the desired
Do no harm and anxiety. For example, you can not:
  • Apply self-harm
  • Encourage violence against people or animals
  • Yell at other people, harass or bully
  • Interfere in the private life of another person (for example, to share his personal information, such as your home address)
  • Forget about protecting your account, devices and personal information (for example, to provide their credentials for temporary use, publish their personal information publicly, forget about the control of their devices)
Do not engage in fraud and unauthorized transactions. For example, you can not:
  • To provide for temporary use, transfer, sell or otherwise make available to third parties access to your accounts.
  • Access or attempt to gain access to accounts that are not yours
  • Attempt to use fraudulent methods, or share them for membership, games, gift cards, credit account, content or equipment
  • Or distribute any elements HGForum
  • Impersonate another person (for example, someone from the staff Hight Games, a moderator, a member of the games developer or another partner Hight Games)
And also on the forum banned obscene utterances and words!